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Chcete se k fitMAMI® přidat, ale je vám něco nejasné? Máte otázky nebo si nejste něčím jisté? Neváhejte se nás zeptat – napište, zavolejte, smskujte … veškeré otázky vám rádi zodpovíme :)

Bellow, you can find a list of our most frequently asked questions :)

When can I start fitMAMI® classes with my baby?

Your baby should be at least 6 weeks old, ideally 2 months, when you have fully adapted to the changes in your life and your baby has a certain daily routine. And of course, you can join us anytime after that.   On average mothers usually start exercising with us somewhere between the 3rd and 6th month after the child's birth and there is no upper age limit. You can meet very small babies as well as children who are 4 years old or even older at one class at the same time.  Nonetheless (or maybe for that reason) the exercise is fun for all.  Older children might prefer FITMAMI® OUTDOOR (outdoor exercise with a stroller), where they can run together with their mummy, go on a bike or play on the grass or a playground.  However, there are plenty of fun activities for them even inside the gym. Generally, FITMAMI® classes are suitable for any child as long as they can spend some time in a stroller or playing on a mat in the gym.

What if my baby starts crying/ gets hungry etc. during the class?

The comfort and happiness of your children are our priorities.  If your child is hungry or anything else is the matter with them, do what you need to do, feed them, calm them down, and comfort them so that they are happy and smiling again.  It is absolutely fine to skip few minutes of exercise  (it won’t run away anyway).  At FITMAMI® OUTDOOR classes we usually follow the same route with frequent stops on the grass or at the benches where we do the strength workout exercise, co you can always catch up and join in again.

How to register?

You can register directly on this website through a contact form or by contacting the instructor in your area directly, using their contact details.   Please note that for the indoor classes especially, we recommend to book in advance, as the capacity of the gym is limited. Before your first class, your instructor will ask you to fill in a registration form.

How many mothers join a fitMAMI® class?

It depends on time and place :).  In some cities it may be only 4-5 mothers, somewhere else it is not an exception to have a group of 16 or more and at least the same amount of children.  We all know that child diseases are as unpredictable as the weather and therefore there is almost always a different number of attendants.  The FITMAMI® OUTDOOR capacity is 20 mothers and minimum for a class is 2-3 mothers.

Do I need a special stroller?

No, you don’t need a special stroller. It can be one with three or four wheels, with or without a hand brake, deep stroller as well as a sport pram.  The only stroller that is unsuitable for FITMAMI® OUTDOOR is the one with a parasol (which could fly away while we are running and potentially hurt other children).  The lighter your stroller is, the easier it will be for you :-). But on the other hand, if you have a heavier stroller (or a child) you will give out more energy and burn more calories.  Theoretically, you could also use a lightweight stroller, although it's not an ideal option for a run.  Remember that we will run with the strollers, do lunges, squats, jumps, etc.

What should I bring with me to fitMAMI® OUTDOOR?

You will need your baby, a stroller and a mat or a blanket for exercising.  Other things are up to you.  We also recommend a bottle of water, good running shoes, sun lotion, sun glasses and a couple of toys for your baby.  If you exercise with older children, pack them a snack in case they get hungry during the class.  If you have children who grew out of a stroller, bring a bike, a scooter or a tricycle.

What happens if it rains or if the weather outside is not ideal?  Do you cancel fitMAMI® OUTDOOR in these cases?

As long as it doesn't rain, or there is no blizzard or a strong wind, fitMAMI® OUTDOOR will always take place.  The winter outdoor classes take place even when the temperature drops bellow zero!  If the lesson is cancelled due to bad weather conditions, it will always appear on our website at least an hour in advance or you will be notified by your instructor via text message.

Is it possible to extend the validity of a prepaid membership card?

All our membership cards are valid for a certain period of time and should serve as a motivation for you to attend classes regularly.  They can be extended only in case of a lesson's cancelation - due to bad weather conditions or instructor's illness (that means only if the lesson was cancelled on the behalf of fitMAMI).   Exceptions in case of a long-term illness of your baby or yourself are assessed individually :-). Other extensions are not allowed.  ‘NO LIMIT’ cards (which are the most cost-effective) cannot be extended at all.

Is it possible to get a refund if I don't use up my entire membership card?

Unless your fitMAMI instructor has set up different rules and conditions, it is not possible to offer a refund for an unused card  (not even in the case of an illness).  In case you get pregnant or you have other medical issues that don't allow you to continue exercising, please contact your fitMAMI instructor, who may be able to offer to transfer the membership onto someone else or who may be able to suspend it for a maximum period of 12 months.

Can fathers join fitMAMI OUTDOOR with us?

YES, absolutely!  They will be more than welcome! fitMAMI® supports the active involvement of the whole family and therefore fathers exercise for FREE!  Bring them along and prove them that you are in great condition even after giving birth (perhaps even better than themselves).  We are also preparing classes specifically designed for fathers, so keep checking our website for updates!

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