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FITMAMI® offers a range of fitness programs, where mothers can do exercise together with their children.

Fitmami Outdoor


Do you have a small child and are you already bored of ordinary walks?  Do you want to keep fit and at the same time meet other likeminded mothers?  If that's the case, then FITMAMI OUTDOOR stroller classes are just right for you!  This outdoor exercise with strollers takes place in parks, woods and on various in-line routes.  The class is designed as an interval training combining cardio and strength exercise – running and exercising with strollers, workout in the terrain as well as on the spot with children and fitness tools.  The class is not only for mothers, who already have experience with some sort of exercise (before or after giving birth), but for everyone, who wants to be fit, gain strength and lose excessive baby weight.

Fitmami Pilates


This outdoor training program with strollers uses elements from power yoga, Pilates and stretching and is primarily designed for mothers who prefer less dynamic exercise.  They will stretch and strengthen their whole body and children will join the exercise through play and rhymes.  The class focuses on strengthening of the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles and other problematic areas that are often weakened after pregnancy.

Fitmami Run


This running program focuses on improving your running technique as well as overall fitness, gaining of strength, speed and endurance.   It consists of body warm-up, the ABC's of running, strengthening and take-off exercise followed by a specific skills training (i.e. one day, it could be speed, other it could be endurance or leg strength). These running sessions are not only suitable for mothers, but fathers are also welcome to join in :-)!  Please note that it is also possible to attend the classes without a stroller.

Fitmami Indoor


These classes take place in a gym or a fitness centre and they are specifically designed for beginners and mothers with a long exercising break.  The session comprises initial warm-up – simple aerobic steps, dances, jumps and workout with children and exercising tools, relaxation and stretching.  These classes take place from November until April when it is not possible to exercise outside.  Some gyms also allow stroller's exercise.

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FITMAMI SINGLE is a group open-air functional training for those who want to return to the natural – being outside on a fresh air, working-out using your own body or simple tools.   The classes are suitable for mothers, fathers and anyone who wants to be fit, slim and healthy.  You can look forward to 60 minutes of running, interval training and circuit training – all of that in a dynamic pace. Discover the beauty of exercising outdoors and enjoy the group. FITMAMI SINGLE classes take place in the evening hours without children and are therefore suitable for working individuals that want to continue FITMAMI fitness program – exercise outdoors and stay fit.



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Co je Fitmami?

FITMAMI® je prvním sportovním programem v ČR, který se zaměřuje nejenom na cvičení s kočárky pro maminky s dětmi a miminky, ale i na outdoorové cvičení pro těhotné ženy. Na čerstvém vzduchu a ve společnosti dalších aktivních maminek. Procvičíte si nejen celé tělo, ale užijete si také spoustu zábavy - to vše ve společnosti vašich dětí.

Pavla Maříková, zakladatelka programu Fitmami


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