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What makes us different


  • We were the first ones to start exercising classes with strollers in the Czech Republic (already in 2008) – therefore we have a long-term experience and our staff have the required practice.
  • FITMAMI classes include cardio as well as strengthening/tonal exercise – an ideal combination for weight loss and overall fitness.
  • We are the only ones in the Czech Republic to offer a program that cares about correct manipulation and psychomotor development of the child.
  • FITMAMI OUTDOOR classes consist of running with a stroller and strength workout – therefore it is proper fitness training, not just a walk with stretching and a bit of workout.
  • Compared to walking, which may not be intensive enough for most women (including mothers after giving birth) – the body doesn't react to the exercise and stagnates, running can be way more beneficial – there is much more variety to speed and achievement, therefore it may be adapted to everyone's needs regardless age and body condition.
  • FITMAMI program is recommended by paediatricians as a great alternative to indoor exercise (also for lesser probability of germ transition between children during periods such as flu epidemic and others).
  • The program’s sponsor is a physiotherapist Radka Vlachynská – one of our seminar leaders.
  • All our instructors have completed a complex theoretical and practical seminar to give FITMAMI classes.
  • We have an original recipe that works, and we will make sure that you enjoy FITMAMI classes and so do your children – no matter what age they are.
  • We also have fathers as instructors:-) What could enhance your motivation more than being instructed by a handsome daddy ;)?
  • The exercise is a lot of fun, full of positive energy and enthusiasm.
  • Thanks to the released endorphins, you will be leaving FITMAMI classes happy and full of energy.
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Co je Fitmami?

FITMAMI® je prvním sportovním programem v ČR, který se zaměřuje nejenom na cvičení s kočárky pro maminky s dětmi a miminky, ale i na outdoorové cvičení pro těhotné ženy. Na čerstvém vzduchu a ve společnosti dalších aktivních maminek. Procvičíte si nejen celé tělo, ale užijete si také spoustu zábavy - to vše ve společnosti vašich dětí.

Pavla Maříková, zakladatelka programu Fitmami


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