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Why join FITMAMI?

Are you looking for a reason to join FITMAMI® and exercise with us?  The following will surely end your hesitation. If not, come and try FITMAMI® classes and find out for yourself!
  • We have an excellent concept based on long-term experience of keeping fit even during your maternity leave – WITH YOUR CHILDREN!
  • An ordinary and often boring walk will suddenly become an excellent, complex training!
  • You will be exercising on fresh air, which is beneficial for both you and your child.
  • After each session you will feel good about yourself – you will tone your body, lose fat and gain energy. All that in your children's company.
  • No need to look for childcare during FITMAMI® classes!
  • All our classes take place in the morning or afternoon, so you can have your evenings free for your partner or other activities.
  • It's a great way to socialize. You will meet other mothers and make new friendships with people who share the same passion for active lifestyle and who have children in the age of your children!
  • FITMAMI® classes combine cardio exercise with strength workout, which results in weight loss, body toning and overall improved body condition and health!
  • Strength workout focuses on toning thighs, bum and belly and strengthening areas that tend to become loose.
  • Apart from your physical condition, you will improve coordination and motor memory.
  • Children embrace a positive attitude towards sport and active lifestyle already from young age and it will be easier for you to maintain this attitude when they are older!
  • You will see that FITMAMI® classes are going to be fun for you as well as for your children – especially young girls tend to imitate their moms and therefore it is not unusual to see a two-year-old "giving a class" to her dolls :)
  • Children are engaged during the classes – either as a "load" or through active play (during which you workout and children are occupied and entertained at the same time).
  • You are going to be looking forward to FITMAMI® classes and the friends you meet there and your children are going to be looking forward to meet their little buddies too.
  • If you fall in love with FITMAMI® so much that you would like to be involved more, perhaps even on a professional level, we offer you the opportunity to become FITMAMI® instructor and start your own sport business.


What do mothers say about us :-)? 

""Many thanks, Pavla, for the whole FITMAMI concept… To be outside and exercise together with the children… I enjoy it so much. With Fitmami, I learned to use benches, stones and kerbs as valuable tools for my exercise which is often a neglected, yet for me a very positive aspect... In short, it's a great inspiration even for one's individual exercise and when I go running on my own, I do a kind of a solo-fitmami. ;-)"

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Co je Fitmami?

FITMAMI® je prvním sportovním programem v ČR, který se zaměřuje nejenom na cvičení s kočárky pro maminky s dětmi a miminky, ale i na outdoorové cvičení pro těhotné ženy. Na čerstvém vzduchu a ve společnosti dalších aktivních maminek. Procvičíte si nejen celé tělo, ale užijete si také spoustu zábavy - to vše ve společnosti vašich dětí.

Pavla Maříková, zakladatelka programu Fitmami


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